How It All Got Started

  Born and raise on a farm/ranch in Southern Illinois, hard work and long days were expected. John started breaking horses and then rodeoing with his cousin at a young age in the late 1970s. After breaking an arm John switched to fighting bulls and clowning in the 1980s. In 1987 John hung up the baggies and moved to Wisconsin. Retirement didn't last long. He was asked to fight for Little Britches of WI in 1988 and did through the 1991 season. At that time John and Lisa's first child was born and they decided to hang up rodeo to raise their family. April 27th, 2002 John's life changed drastically. He lost his entire left arm in a tragic tractor PTO shaft accident. In 2013 John was asked to come out of retirement to clown a show. That was what started it all over again. With a big sense of humor John's named changed to "Lefty" saying his arm being missing just gives him more material.     

What It Is Today

  John "Lefty" continues today keeping the crowd entertained. In 20015 he was asked to "switch hats" and announce a show due to a conflict in scheduling of the regular announcer. It was a natural fit. Professionalism and "doing your best" has always been John's attitude. So he went to the best school, "Chad Nicholson's Pro Rodeo Announcer's School", in Dallas, Texas. Wow, what knowledge and improvement! Lefty competed at the IFR, International Pro Rodeo Association Finals, Funnyman Showcase, placing fifth. In 2016, he ordered a new barrel from J&M Custom Barrels, purchased a new large sound system, and is ready to hit the road. This is John "Lefty" Kee's profession. He is able to stay on the road, not having to return home each week, making travel to your events easier. "Entertaining and Energizing crowds one rodeo at a time."