About John "LEFTY" KEE


Add excitement, entertainment, comedy, and years of experience to your rodeo. Lefty has several acts to choose from and mix around so your crowds are not seeing the "same old thing" every time. Lefty is continually searching for new jokes and material to improve his performance. Professionalism is a BIG PART. Lefty will roll-in with a clean (weather permitting) rig, pressed and starched baggies and well made and painted ACTS. Lefty realizes he is representing you and wants to just add to your professionalism.

"Making people laugh one rodeo at a time."


John is a graduate of the "Chad Nicholson Pro Rodeo Announcing School". Having years of mic experience as a Rodeo Clown, he was asked to "switch hats" at a show were the announcer couldn't make it. It was a natural transition and the rest is history. John works well at both jobs, one at a time of course.

"Adding clarity and excitement one event at a time."


  Born September 1964 Lefty is "old enough to know better, but young enough to try it again" one of his Dad's favorite sayings.  John married Lisa in 1989 and in 1991 their family began. Even though they were not rodeoing when their kids were young in didn't keep them from being "born to ride".  Kassidy works with troubled children and runs barrels and poles. Dakota is in Law School and worked his way up thru the ranks of back pin help to fighting bulls. AJ graduates in 2017 and aspires to be an electrician. Riding bulls and bareback broncs is his passion. Lisa, along with having to put up with Lefty, is a professional Rodeo Photographer and works for State Farm Insurance. After all these years God, Family, and Rodeo (in that order) are the main aspects of their life.